Beginner Singing Lessons

Affordable Singing Lessons for Adult BeginnersAdult Beginner Singers and Working Singers with no singing lesson experience will find AFFORDABLE SINGING LESSONS easy to use right from the get go!

With its simple instructions and lack of extra fluff, you get JUST the RIGHT AMOUNT of information without being bogged down by too many details. Learn vocal tips and singing secrets you absolutely must understand to become a great singer and find your voice.

Along with learning the very foundations of singing well, you can also jump right ahead of many more advanced singers by learning how to read music, understanding key signatures and the basics of music theory.

The included vocal exercise routine, The Fast & Funky Vocal Warmup (8.5 Minutes) is a perfect daily routine to warm-up your voice and improve your vocal skills. If you are a beginner and not sure...remember, it takes REPETITION of specific actions to achieve balanced vocal coordination. Since beginners and kid singers are not really known for focusing on long extended warm-up routines....the FAST and FUNKY ROUTINE is PERFECT to get you headed in the right direction. Vocal exercise is a term that sounds daunting but the included vocal exercise routine makes it both EASY and FUN!

There are two interactive singing lessons softwares included with the Affordable Singing Lessons course - one designed for kids and one designed for adults.  Use one or use them both!

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