Singing Lessons for Kids & Elementary School Music


Kids left to their own devices love the interactive singing lessons software and can easily follow the 8.5 minute Fast & Funky Vocal Exercise Routine.  Keep kids from screaming and destroying their voices by giving them the power to find their own voice.


Teachers everywhere love the AFFORDABLE SINGING LESSONS course for so many reasons. This jam packed course provides a simple straight-forward lesson plan for classes focusing on teaching singing.

Struggling with short music class times? This course can help! The most popular and recommended scenario for effective CLASSROOM or STUDIO USE is to:

  • Focus on a single singing concept to start class;
  • Do the Fast & Funky Vocal Warmup as a group exercise, while focusing on the concept just covered;
  • Apply and focus as much as you can on the new concept during your class performance practice.

Each concept will build a good vocal instrument foundation throughout your training, when you get to the end...start over again. The singing skill presented will increase with each lesson repetition! It's that easy.

Teachers of YOUNG CHILDREN particularly enjoy this course as a healthy way to begin kids singing instead of "screaming". The Lesson Plan can easily be followed for appropriate age comprehension and the Fast & Funky Group Activity is always a big hit.

Teachers looking for DETAILED singing lessons or more comprehensive class voice plans for older students, please visit You Can Sing with Impact, Singing Is Easy or the A2Z SingSMART™ Music Academy for many additional options.

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